A new look at old things

 упаковкаAs you know, people are met on clothes. What is the "clothes" and advertising of the goods? Selection criterion, while they stand on a shelf in a store? How should we evaluate the product when seeing it first?

Yes, packaging plays a crucial role in the “life-circuit” of the goods and acts hypnotizing on a potential buyer. Its brightness - that's what the eye catches the first among the many proposed products. Expressive, colorful, interesting cardboard packaging is a kind of a beacon in the eyes of the buyer. 

Cardboard packaging is an ecological and the most modern material.

Let's imagine that the polyethylene and cardboard suddenly disappeared from modern life. And that's the picture: we carry the purchased products in cloth bags from the store, drag the "bare" brand new TV in our hands, and move into a new apartment becomes a disaster (although we are so used to be irritated by those endless boxes for moving!). Sure, now the streets suddenly became clear, but then the comfort was not increased. But before the XVIII-XIX century in our country life was about the same. Stormy sale of packaging materials began to develop more than a century ago.

Cardboard was the first promising material for packaging - the material that even now has nothing to be compared with. We use it mostly as a packing for the move, and containers for bulk cargo, folding back the most variety of household items - from appliances to books and toys. Cardboard packaging is manufactured from environmentally friendly raw materials - paper, that is why claims to be the safest packaging material. Much of it is for the transportation of certain goods, such as for example food or toys.

For several centuries, cardboard has been serving modestly to the mankind, without drawing attention to itself.

 упаковка из картонаAnd what the cardboard finally is - that perfect packaging material? How to distinguish the thick paper from thin cardboard? Weight of cardboard ranges from 401 to 1200 grams per square meter. There is a thin paperboard weighing 200 to 400 grams per square meter. To distinguish thin cardboard from thick paper weighing 300-400 g/m2, experts specify the material thickness (if thickness is greater than 0,25 mm - this board). But even with the same thickness, boards have different stiffness. Of all the types of cardboards the packing cardboard is the toughest, because soft cardboard packaging will not protect the products against damage and shock. Moreover, the packing cardboard is usually very durable and has an excellent frame and barrier properties. At first glance it seems to be thin, but in reality it consists of several layers (the material for which is bleached recycled paper, bleached and unbleached pulp, wooden pulp).

It is considered that among all the packaging materials that is cardboard that brings the least harm to the ecology. Cardboard packaging is easily recycled and utilized, and unlike polyethylene, cardboard is not "dead weight" which pollutes the earth. “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory” has modern equipment which manufactures the high-quality cardboard packaging. Our high-quality products, fast order execution and additional services regarding the delivery of the products to the customer, flexible discount system and reasonable prices attract regular and new customers, ensuring mutually advantageous cooperation.