Bindery cardboard

perepletnij-kartonToday, there exist a great variety of types of cardboard, which are used in various fields. For example, the printing business uses the cover cardboard, which is also called the bindery cardboard. It is easy to understand from the title that such type of cardboard is used to create the cover of various periodicals. Bindery cardboard has a very high strength and resistance to bending and warping.

At present, local manufacturers are offering to our attention three types of bindery cardboard - A, B and glued bindery cardboard (GBC). They differ in the number of pulp and waste paper in the composition, as well as by whether cardboard is glued or not.

Type "A" is rich in cellulose and wood pulp. This cardboard is widely used in the manufacture of puzzles, because it does not become unstuck and very is durable, and therefore it is ideal for recycling use. On such a high-quality cardboard the pieces of art are usually printed.

pereplType "B" and type “GBC” there is used only unbleached pulp, the usage of wood pulp and semi-chemical pulp is not allowed. Since GBC is a glued cardboard, the manufacturing techniques of this type have their own characteristics.

The composition of bindery cardboard is very similar to the composition of cardboard or paper, but the production technology still has some differences. As the basis for the bindery cardboard serve non-bleached vegetable fibers. In this regard, this kind of cardboard is brown, porous, it absorbs moisture well, breaks easily when bent and cut.

Bindery cardboard has  thickness of about 0,5-3,0 mm, which gives it durability and resistance to bending, the surface is rough to the touch. As already mentioned, the main area of Bindery cardboard is printing.

Bindery cardboard is often used in printing and publishing. It is exactly it that serves as a material for book covers of different types, such as guidebooks, children's books, pocket books.

Thanks to the fact that the picture of any complexity and coloring can be printed on bindery cardboard, this material is widely used for making cases for books, art albums, and other various gift packages. Fine quality and low price of the bindery cardboard led to the incensement of the sphere of its usage.