Cardboard miracle

картонFor a long time, cardboard has been indispensable in everyday life. Familiar items made of it can certainly be found in any home: cardboard boxes for the appliances, packaging of food products, cosmetics, household cleaning products. Conclusively, cardboard is part of our everyday life.

Cardboard is an easy, beautiful and clean material - just a godsend for the designer.

Perfect design is an affordable and cheap to manufacture product that leverages the properties of the material of which it is produced. Available technology and cheap source for everyone who is not indifferent to the cardboard make it possible to produce the most fantastic things right at home.

What can be done of cardboard for the modern consumer? Yes, almost everything!

The question touches even upon the furniture ... Yes, it is quite true, furniture. Today the furniture made of cardboard can be incredibly exciting, stylish and exciting, not driving your guests at the thought of providing material assistance. мебель из картонаSo, making furniture of cardboard is new tendency today, but in the West it is very widespread. In the western countries cardboard furniture came into vogue for several reasons: simple, cheap, environmentally friendly, and as the material old cardboard boxes can be used.
The furniture of cardboard is being made according to the certain technology, and in the meanwhile it turns out to be strong enough to perform its direct function (chests of drawers, shelves, chairs, tables), and not simply gather dust in the corner as a direct evidence of your creative usefulness.

Source material for this furniture can easily be found in every home. Significant role is played by the thickness of cardboard, which is measured by the number of layers. For the manufacture of furniture is most often used one-, two-, three-ply cardboard. To fill the walls of the models with curves, rounded forms used single-layers cardboard.