Corrugated cardboard packaging

упаковка для винаHigh quality nice cardboard packaging attracts consumers, protects the product from damage, increases sales and makes a presentable appearance of the products sold. Taking into account all these facts each manufacturer pays close attention not only to production, but also thinks about packing of the goods.

On the creation of the cardboard packaging a lot of prominent specialists are working, due to whose efforts our packaging obtains necessary look. LLC “Zhitomir Cardboard Factory” is being specialized in the production of cardboard packaging.

We develop original ideas that are being implemented in the manufacture of packaging. At our plant one can order the production of individually designed cardboard packaging. We always consider the wishes of the customer to maximize results and try to meet your expectations. In the manufacturing process only high quality raw materials are used.

Упаковка для бутылок Every year the production of packaging made of cardboard covers an increasing part of the Ukrainian market of packing. Namely this kind of production is very convenient and beneficial for all the involved parties. We list only a few advantages. So, the cardboard:

  • takes up little space when folded;
  • very light;
  • quickly assembled and disassembled;

The process of making boxes includes a number of mandatory requirements:

  • Cardboard should have good protective qualities and be able to maintain shape;
  • Packaging must absorb shocks and remain robust and reliable in tension and compression during transportation;
  • Packaging should provide long storage of goods;

Дизайн упаковкиIn the production of cardboard packaging it is important to consider the fact that the cardboard has anisotropic properties. Anisotropy is the dependence of physical properties of matter on the direction. In the process of manufacturing of cardboard in the machine there is made the orientation of cellulose macromolecules, through which strength and stiffness of the cardboard packaging increases.

Another important moment for the cardboard is the degree of humidity of the environment. This phenomenon strongly affects the stiffness and strength of the cardboard packaging. Therefore, in the production of boxes it is important to accurately and correctly choose the finishing operations, which not only give to the package a nice look, but also reduce the water absorption of cardboard.

Cardboard may be common in design and color, or have a beautiful and colorful design. The main advantage of the cardboard packaging is its harmlessness to health of consumers and environmental cleanliness. Cardboard does not contaminate the environment by harmful components.

LLC “Zhitomir Cardboard Factory” produces cardboard packaging which fully corresponds to wishes and views of Ukrainian and foreign consumers.