The world of corrugated packaging

коробки из картонаContainers made of corrugated cardboard are not only very comfortable, but practical packing, which everybody has used at least once in his life. After all, corrugated packaging and corrugated boxes are called familiar to all  cardboard boxes that we use for storage, technology, products. Every day we meet cardboard packing, someone as a consumer, someone as a producer or supplier. Everyone has long known that it is corrugated or cardboard box is the most practical, reliable and cheapest. It would seem what might be more clear, more prosaic and banal then boxes of cardboard? But, invented decades ago, cardboard boxes, not only did not disappear under a flood of new materials for packaging, but on the contrary, remains a popular type of packaging in Ukraine and in Europe.

The emergence of corrugated cardboard has been associated primarily with the need to create not just a packaging material, but the material that would provide full protection of the product from mechanical and other influences.

Nowadays, every production company needs to pack their goods.

For these purposes, most often used: boxes, cardboard boxes, grids, trays and other containers. Today, when the development of advertising, it is important to pack the product. This will provide the perfect presentation of the goods, but also the integrity of the product during transportation, will save space during transportation of products.

Packaging is a continuation of the goods. More and more cardboard boxes of different colors, shapes, designs and sizes fill the shelves every day. Their main task is to impress the buyer in the most important point, namely the time of acquaintance with the goods. For all the above mentioned, there exist different types of the cardboard.

гофркоробки из картонаCorrugated cardboard is a packaging material, which is characterized by rigidity. It consists of several layers of cardboard (test-liner, top-liner, kraft liner) and the layers of corrugated paper. Corrugated cardboard can be double-layered, three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer, depending on the requirements and use. 

As a raw material the unbleached and the bleached pulp can be used. Great importance here is the treatment of pulp and additives in the preparation of paper pulp. Depending on the variety of consumer characteristics, such as barrier, printing, protection, stiffness, etc. quality paperboard grades vary greatly. Corrugated cardboard boxes are available in different thickness and weight (calculated on a per square meter).

Because of its rigidity, corrugated cardboard packing opposes strikes and the end compression, bursting, tearing and penetration of moisture inside, which protects the goods packed in cardboard boxes.

Boxes made of cardboard are very easy to use. Distinctive properties of corrugated cardboard box are their lightness and flexibility. It is through this property the transportation of the goods does not require much money and effort, as boxes made of corrugated cardboard are several times more light then plastic or wooden ones of the same capacity.

Another huge plus of corrugated cardboard is its environmental friendliness and economy. Cardboard is an environmental friendly material that is easily recyclable. All types of corrugated packaging can be used as a feedstock for various purposes. That is why the positions of the cardboard boxes will not be weakened.