Fluting: what we need to know.

gofra_22When people talk about the composition of corrugated cardboard, they often refer to three main components - the cardboard for flat layers, fluting and glue. Fluting is literally a bridge to board plane layers. The possibility to use the corrugated paper for the production of corrugated board was invented by an American Albert Johnson, in search of a suitable material for corrugated packaging and transportation of glass bottles and flasks. In 1871 the first patent on the use of this new material was registered. And only a decade later, namely in 1881, the first machine for the production of dual-layer corrugated cardboard was made.

Fluting serves for production of the inner layers of corrugated cardboard. That is what causes a high enough attention to her physical and mechanical characteristics, high demands on load resistance (static and dynamic) for stacking on the quality and storage. Flute undertakes a lot of pressure on itself, so the amortization of corrugated packaging and material in general depend on its technical parameters.

Fluting has a low rate of adsorption of the adhesive and high rigidity.

Fluting is usually a single layer and is divided into two types – made of waste paper and made of  cellulose, depending on the raw material used. If the raw material is the waste paper, products manufactured in this way are called Wellenstoff (German “wave surface”). rullons_cadBut even in spite of the three-stage processing, which the fibers undergo, Wellenstoff contains a small percentage of virgin fibers, due to what the stiffness of the material is provided.

Besides, there exists one more type – Schrenz. This is the lowest grade of paper, with the worst characteristics, has rough to the touch surface, and the look is not very aesthetic. Schrenz is used for the inner layer of corrugated cardboard, so the demands on it are not very high..

Fluting must correspond to the document GOST (State All-Union standard) 7377-85 or to the technical specifications (TS), which is worked out by the producer. There exist four types of fluting with the conventional signs B-0, B-1, B-2 and B-3.

There is another classification, in accordance to which all types of fluting are subdivided into glued (G) and non-glued (NG).

LLC “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory” produces fluting of types  B-1, B-2 weighing 80, 100, 112, 125 and 140 g/m2. Existing equipment completely satisfies our own need for fluting and cardboard for flat layers, which allows to close a production chain: from waste paper to the finished carton. Good quality / price ratio of cardboard and paper produced by LLC "Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory" draws attention not only of the consumers from Ukraine, but also of leading fluting producers from Poland, Hungary and Russia.