Упаковка для яицWWhat do we cook for breakfast the most often? Of course, eggs. But only few know that this is one of the most healthful foods.
In every person's life and not for once the question how to deliver this fragile product undamaged  from the store-house to his place is sure to arise. And here is just a tremendous role played by packaging..

Paper packaging, which consists of a molded paper pulp is a kind of package that exists on the market long ago. Proceedings of the molded paper fiber guarantee better protection for the eggs all the way from producer to consumer's refrigerator.

The main source for the manufacture of packaging for eggs are different types of recycled raw materials, namely newspapers, waste recycling cartons. A huge advantage of the paper packaging is that it possesses the necessary strength to avoid damage of the eggs during transport and storage, and offers breathability and water absorption, providing ventilation products that prevent moisture loss and an undesirable taste and odor. Such packaging is suitable not only for packaging and sorting lines, but also ensures the safety of such a fragile product, such as eggs during transportation and storage.

The manufacturer has a wide opportunity to put color printing or a label on paper packaging, providing additional marketing benefits for our customer.

The significance of packaging as a method of the promotion of goods is growing day by day and is affected by many factors:


The number of goods, which is realized by self-service basis, is growing steadily. At the supermarket, the buyer passes the 300 different items per minute, effective packing acts as five seconds commercial. With all of this package should attract attention, promote the formation of customer loyalty and create a whole nice impression.

Welfare of consumers.

The growth of consumer welfare means that buyers are willing to pay significantly more money for comfort, convenience.

Company image and brand.

Today, well-thought-out package is a necessary condition for an instant brand recognition, or enterprise, and as a consequence of an automatic increase in sales volumes. 

Innovative features.

лоток для яицTo this day, millions of people would like to thank the man who invented the first ring on the tin. Convenient and compact package brings significant benefits both to consumers and producer.

The egg-trays, which “Zhitomir Cardboard Factory” offers today, have long been dominating on the domestic egg market, thanks to product conformity with European standards. And it is absolutely fair and deserved, perhaps, hard to imagine a more unique, comfortable and good packing for such a delicate product as an egg.

The egg-trays made by “Zhitomir Cardboard Factory” is your silent and reliable seller who works all day long! The scientists have proved that more than 75% of all purchasing decisions we make directly in the store. Our egg-packing promotes the impulsive purchase of the goods best of all, thanks to its attractive appearance, unique design and practicality.

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