Reinforced boxes

It is extremely important to choose an appropriate type of box when transporting oversized or heavy cargos. The deformation of boxes during logistics and warehousing processes frequently leads to the damage of products and undesirable losses, especially in the case of fragile or susceptible products. The simplest solution here is to increase the total grammage of the whole box which significantly affects the price of the container. For example, chicken eggs are commonly transported using some standard No18 boxes with perforated handles and ventilation holes. The high-quality three-layer corrugated board can withstand the necessary load for the storage of the product, the tear of the box can however occur in the "weak points" of a box – the carved handles. By application of a standard, obsolete technology it is practically impossible to eliminate such kind of damage, thus the customer is compelled to buy the fivelayer boxes that are twice as expensive.

We are pleased to announce that having implemented a considerable modernization of production equipment we are ready to offer a solution for this problem. We successfully adopted the experience of our European partners so now LLC "Zhitomir Cardboard Factory" has introduced an innovative product for the Ukrainian market – the reinforced three-layer boxes suitable for packing and transporting of heavy cargos. At an early stage of production the reinforcement tape is being inserted between the layers of the board sheets that further excludes the risk of the vertical tear of the box wall. This allows our customers to use our economically advantageous three-layer corrugated board and to get an additional competitive advantage.

Due to its reliability and a tangible economic effect, the reinforced box gained a quick foothold in the Ukrainian market and became one of the most demanded products among our customers. As for today, the reinforced box is a unique product of Zhitomir Cardboard Factory being in unparalleled Ukraine.