картонThe 21 century seems to have come, and almost every day humanity invents new types of packaging materials which take the form of the goods and maintain any temperature, and have excellent protective properties... But with all this, cardboard does not hand over its positions, it still remains the most versatile, affordable and environmental friendly material for production of container packing and supporting elements.

Have you ever asked yourself: where are we looking for all the important information? How do we learn about the value of a product? Of course, with the help of the packaging. In this case, we first pay attention to the beautifully packaged things, what is also performing the role of advertising.

And often, the hand stretches to just such a product, rather than similar, which lies close by. And namely packaging accompanies the product from the packing plant or factory to the place of the buyer. Without packaging no goods can be presented on the market. Everyone knows that buyers will not choose a poorly packaged product, perhaps believing that it is of a poor quality. Thus, it becomes clear that the package is a link between the buyer and the product.

High-quality, affordable, comfortable, lightweight and durable packaging is what the customer today puts the emphasis on.

Corrugated cardboard has been used as packaging for nearly 100 years, but we feel as if we had always seen it on store shelves. In fact, the idea of using cardboard as a packaging was suggested by Albert Johnson from New York in 1871. At that time millions of products became unusable due to various mechanical damages and there seemed to be no way out. But it was not so! Corrugated cardboard was a breakthrough, a brilliant invention that has not lost its value even today.

Experts believe that cardboard, and namely corrugated cardboard is the most popular among the traders because only this material can satisfy the most refined tastes and desires. Due to the packing made of the corrugated cardboard there exists an opportunity to save significant time for loading and unloading, placing the goods on the shelves to be immediately noticed by the buyer. Now three quarters of all goods that are being transported are packed in corrugated packaging.

Corrugated cardboard has no negative consequences in regard to environmental pollution, as reprocessing of used packaging of corrugated cardboard is completely ecological. The branch of industry which produces corrugated cardboard is one of the most important centers for recycling waste paper. In its turn, this material contains up to 70% of recycled paper. Taking into consideration the above mentioned, it should be noted once more: corrugated cardboard enjoys and will enjoy in the future the constant demand as a product that can be easily reused. It is believed that cardboard boxes can be used much longer than those of other materials, that is they are economically viable and safe.

In the past five years we see a steady increase in consumption of corrugated cardboard.

Extensive use of corrugated cardboard is preconditioned by the the following factors:
  • this is a kind of packaging materials which have a unique set of properties at relatively low cost;

  • упаковка из картонаbecause its production requires relatively low cost of electricity and other resources;
  • corrugated cardboard as packaging is very light; 
  • increase in food industry; 
  • complete collapse of the production of wooden containers for grocery and canning;
  • corrugated packaging is to be wholly recycled;

And finally, the last important feature is the possibility of color printing on cardboard in different ways (silk, flexography, offset), what plays a significant role in the recognition of the product on store shelves. So it is worth thinking about what is the most beneficial for all criteria - the corrugated cardboard. This material has been tested by time, proved true, it is the material of future!