Going beyond just box!

Corrugated board – Going beyond just box!

Corrugated carton packaging has gained leading position as a packing material due to its indisputable advantages over other materials. Carton is characterized by outstanding physical and mechanical properties in line with light weight and low cost of raw materials. It opens wide range of opportunities for creative and artistic approach to designing boxes and packing with whatever structure. In addition to other advantages of corrugated carton it allows color-printing.

Described features helped corrugated carton not only become extremely popular in the sphere of goods packing, but to attract attention of a number of modern designers. Household and interior design items as well as decorations – gradually modern companies start offering common things made of nonstandard materials. Nowadays, collections of interior design articles made of corrugated carton include many elements, such as coffee tables, chairs, shelves, tables, lounge chairs and even body frames of multimedia systems and docks for i-phones. Furniture made of carton is always unique, and, what is even more important – ecologically clean. Such decisions are not only better than expensive materials, but, in some cases, overpass them. In our article we will give examples, when goods made of carton successfully and organically enter life of a modern man, but also bring a number of benefits to it.


Economic advantages of using corrugated carton instead of wood, glass, metal and ingrained materials is obvious. Each detail, each element made of corrugated carton can make product much cheaper. It opens wide possibilities for a number of families with low incomes and even for countries. Such traditional pieces of furniture as bed, table and chairs, wardrobes and stands may sometimes be unobtainable for families with low incomes and economically weakly developed countries, where people have to sleep and eat on the floor. Use of corrugated carton for production of interior objects will help to solve this problem. Carton can help making certain modern equipment by saving on material of bodies.

Living room with interior design articles made of corrugated carton.

Bed-room made of corrugated carton.

Compact docks for I-phone.


Advantages of practical use of articles made of carton in everyday life are still a subject of numerous discussions. It’s been said that carton is less stable when it comes to mechanical damages and that it is low moisture-resistant. It’s useless to deny these arguments. Modern technologies allow making extremely firm and moisture-resistant cartons, but still they are far from other materials in terms of these parameters. On the other hand, corrugated carton has a number of advantages that standard furniture cannot offer. Its light weight, mobility and compactness disclose new possibilities for furniture. These characteristics will especially be appreciated by people, who have to move a lot or like regular changes in interior design. Product range shouldn’t be limited by household items. You can set up your internal yard or order products for family picnics.




Who could have thought that furniture made of carton can look that good? Idea of using carton as a material to make furniture becomes more and more popular among progressive designers and doesn’t come as a surprise: this material is easy to process and cut, it allows colour printing of any complexity degree, it complies with world ecology trends and environment-friendly. By choosing this material you are display good taste and open-mindedness.

Besides, with increasing frequency modern artists go for corrugated carton in search of inspiration. Such famous artists and designers as Liam Hopkins, Richard Sweeny, Frank Gehry, Mark Langan and others have already concurred the world with their carton works of art. Why don’t you try?

лампа из картона 

мебель из картона  


 люстра из картона



Uniqueness of products is only limited by your imagination. Specific characteristics of making process allows not only to make goods of mass consumption, but unique articles of narrow economic focus satisfying your needs to the utmost: mobile stands for fairs, art installations, goods for creative work, movable work tables and even compact mobile offices – it is possible owing to material approachable and flexible for transformations.

Hopefully, we managed to show you this common product part of our everyday life from the new perspective. We will be glad, if this article will inspire you to interesting innovatory ideas, that you will be glad to realize.