Choosing ecology

экологияSociologists believe that the state of the environment is important for 60% of Ukrainians. But it is hard to imagine a person who would not want to live in a clean, breathe clean air, eat quality food, drink fresh water.

All this determines the quality of life for everyone. Any, even the most efficient economic model, if it does not take into account environmental requirements, leads to the fact that Ukrainians will spend their income on medications.

Today there is urgent need for every citizen to be responsible for the environment, as it happens in many European countries. Not just think about the harm caused to the nature by people. We thought a lot, talked a long time, pushing slogans ... and nothing stays beyond that normally. There is an urgent need to change the situation.

It would seem what can we do alone? We can, and not little! We can in our daily activities express our civil position. When choosing a product, should also the criterion of eco-friendliness be added to price, beauty, utility and so on, that is the ability not to harm the natural environment.

загрязнение пластикомThis will be an expression of your position, the expression of your desire to live in purity and harmony with nature. It will express your demand for manufacturers to produce products without harming the natural environment.

At all stages of its development man has always been closely linked with the outside world. But since highly industrialized society appeared, dangerous human interference in nature has increased dramatically and, therefore, now threatens to become a global menace for the humanity. Each of us will in any case contribute either to death or to the prosperity of the Earth. We wish you made a right choice.