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“Zhitomir Cardboard Factory” is actively developing, improving technical facilities and quality of products. On the most important events in the company, read this section.

Zhitomir Cardboard Factory brings on the market a new product - the moisture-resistant cardboard

In 2017, Zhitomir Cardboard Factory brought to the market an innovative product - the moisture-resistant...

Following the global trends of the market LLC "Zhitomir Cardboard Factory" started production of a new type of packaging – APPLE TRAYS

In November 2016 LLC "Zhitomir Cardboard Factory" introduces onto Ukrainian market a new type of...

About the cardboard

Etymologically originates the French "carton", "carta" - paper. The thickest paper, thicker then this of the sugar. Paper with the thickness exceeding 0,2 mm, or any multi-layer paper.

ZCF - Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory

LLC “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory” - a worthy partner, a stable,...

Well packed - is half sold

Zhitomir cardboard factory is the company with a half century...


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To be environmentally friendly means the ability to not harm the natural environment. All the products produced by “Zhitomir Cardboard Factory” are absolutely harmless.

The second life of the waste paper

The use of 1 tone of the waste (recycled )...

Choosing ecology

Sociologists believe that the state of the environment is important...