LLC “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory”

картонный комбинат

LLC “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory” - a worthy partner, a stable, dynamic company with a half-century history, a leader on the market of packing materials in Ukraine - focuses on high-quality products of any complexity.

LLC “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory” was registered in 2005 on the basis of the former paper mill, which was founded in 1962. Then, the paper production with a design capacity of 15,000 tonnes per year was introduced in the factory, and in 1966 they built a plant for the production of paper bags. And in 1967, the factory was awarded the title "Factory of 50 Years of the Great October Socialist Revolution."

old_eggIt was namely here in 1970 when they mastered the production of molded packaging for the first time in the Soviet Union, capacity of 140 000 thousand pieces of egg trays per year. Since 1973, our country completely refused to import these products, and since 1976 the companies of the former Soviet Union began exporting egg-trays - so only LLC “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory”  shipped these products to East Germany, Czech Rebeblic, Bulgaria, Cuba. In addition, the production chain and packing of eggs in the poultry farms were mechanized and automated what greatly reduced wood consumption.

today_zkk During 1981-1985 our factory has for 9 times occupied the top places in socialist competition of industrial enterprises, being awarded with diplomas, commendation, cash prizes.

Though in the period from 2001 to 2005 the factory was in full decline, but with the accession of new owners, the factory began to revive.

Since October 2007 a paper plant, which produces cardboard and fluting began to work.

zkk-plantLLC “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory” came to a new level of development after beginning of the cooperation with the “Effective Investments Co” in early 2010, and as a result of this there was formed a strong team with qualified and experienced personnel, balanced production facilities and solid investment opportunities.

To secure competitive advantage, expand our market by improving the quality of goods and services while reducing costs, we are consistently implementing long-term development strategies of the basic units of the company, setting new equipment into operation.
quality_control-smallThe Company is focused on the dynamic quality growth for all its customers, partners and shareholders.

Today LLC “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory” is a modern enterprise, the powerful potential of which is provided by modern equipment, highly skilled stuff and advanced methods of production management.