In 2017, Zhitomir Cardboard Factory brought to the market an innovative product - the moisture-resistant cardboard for the production of packaging, which is subjected to deep freezing as well as to being stored and transported under various loads - high humidity and low temperature. The release of the new product caused considerable interest both from corrugated producers and customers (agro-industrial enterprises, food, fish and meat industries).

The distinctive features of this cardboard are low surface water absorption, low capillary absorption, low air permeability, increased strength in dry and wet conditions. The barrier properties are achieved by adding moisture and hydrophobic auxiliaries and resins to the pulp during the production of cardboard for flat layers on PM. It should be noted that these additives do not affect the sanitary and hygienic properties of the product, as well as the suitability for its further recycling.

The results of the tests confirmed the advantages of corrugated cardboard containers using moisture-resistant layers in all respects, increased resistance to mechanical damage, breach of integrity, resistance to high humidity (85-95%), condensation, freeze-thawing and direct contact with water.

Zhitomir Cardboard Plant LLC is a domestic manufacturer that is able to create a product in accordance with European quality standards, being a throughout recognized as a leader in the field of innovative technologies development.


Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory workers and representatives of enterprise partners from different Ukrainian regions congratulated the children of boarding schools and orphanages on the Day of St. Nicholas. Workers prepared toys, clothes, shoes and necessary hygiene products for children. Also they made special gifts for the kids - cardboard houses, which may be painted and used in all types of games. ZCF presented 50 playhouses for regional orphanages in Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Sumy, Chernihiv and Kyiv regions. Together with our customers we have been able to please the children and give them a piece of our warmth.

"We had a task to congratulate children on the holiday and make their lives a little bit easier. But we could not even imagine how many positive emotions we get back. Most of all we want orphans dreams come true, because every person, especially a child, needs to feel love, family warmth and care," - said Andrey Surikov, head of sales department of Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory. Factory management plans to further support the wards of orphanages and boarding schools.

"The education and care of children - it is not only a family responsibility, but also the public. You have to give support with sincerity and soul, only then the children will feel needed and loved ones," - said Sergei Rudkovsky, the first deputy general director of the factory. "We are grateful for the help of our partners and customers: companies Zhytomyrski Lasoshchi , Yasensvit, Hermes, Zodiac, Torgtekhnika-PLUS, Grass.



In November 2016 LLC "Zhitomir Cardboard Factory" introduces onto Ukrainian market a new type of packaging - cardboard apple trays developed by our specialists to meet the needs of high-quality packaging. The presented trays are ideal for packaging apples and other fruits and vegetables.

The characteristics of our apple trays fully comply with European Union standards. This type of packaging has been tested in conjunction with a leading manufacturer of sorting machines, the company FRUTMAC, which confirmed the quality of our products.

The new apple tray has a number of advantages:

  • Provides protection from damage during transportation
  • Preserves the quality and properties of the product during storage
  • Is ideally suitable for the automated sorting systems
  • Environmentally friendly packaging emphasizes the quality, features and naturalness of the products.

Our company strives to meet the needs of our partners through the development, production and sales of only high-quality packaging products taking into account the consumers' suggestions as well as the modern trends of the sector


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