Zhitomir Cardboard Factory brings on the market a new product - the moisture-resistant cardboard


In 2017, Zhitomir Cardboard Factory brought to the market an innovative product - the moisture-resistant cardboard for the production of packaging, which is subjected to deep freezing as well as to being stored and transported under various loads - high humidity and low temperature. The release of the new product caused considerable interest both from corrugated producers and customers (agro-industrial enterprises, food, fish and meat industries).

The distinctive features of this cardboard are low surface water absorption, low capillary absorption, low air permeability, increased strength in dry and wet conditions. The barrier properties are achieved by adding moisture and hydrophobic auxiliaries and resins to the pulp during the production of cardboard for flat layers on PM. It should be noted that these additives do not affect the sanitary and hygienic properties of the product, as well as the suitability for its further recycling.

The results of the tests confirmed the advantages of corrugated cardboard containers using moisture-resistant layers in all respects, increased resistance to mechanical damage, breach of integrity, resistance to high humidity (85-95%), condensation, freeze-thawing and direct contact with water.

Zhitomir Cardboard Plant LLC is a domestic manufacturer that is able to create a product in accordance with European quality standards, being a throughout recognized as a leader in the field of innovative technologies development.