The football championship nailed it

The football championship nailed itOn Saturday, October 7, the final game of the corporate football championship dedicated to the day of workers in the pulp and paper industry took place between the teams of Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory. The teams of corrugated board department, paper department, molded packaging department, transport and storage department, programming department as well as the office staff took part in the championship. The winner of the championship was the team of the molded packaging department which won with a score of 5-0. The football players received the valuable gifts from the managing board. As for the championship participants and their families, the management organized a family holiday with games and contests for children and adults.

"Every employee deserves the useful rest which helps to relieve stress and relax from the routine of everyday work. We understand that our employees work hard every day for the benefit of our common affair and that is why we are interested in having them relax and gain strength. And football is a great way of informal communication, it unites our team and stimulates the desire to win" - says CEO Karpeka Oleg.

The football championship nailed it"It is important for our company that all employees feel themselves as one friendly family, support and help each other in achieving common goals. I want to note that the company has families who met at work. Every year the company provides comprehensive assistance to young families: this year we held events for preschool children, on September 1 we provided all the necessary stationery for schoolchildren, young parents also received material assistance for first-graders and we are not going to stop at this" said Sergey Rudkovsky, Vice-CEO.

On a corporate holiday, each employee could communicate with the CEO and his deputy, to express his wishes for work and leisure, as well as get to know his colleagues more closely.

The football championship nailed it