On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the staff of our factory congratulated the students of the boarding schools and orphanages on the holiday.

St. Nicholas Day

On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the employees of Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory and the representatives of the partners of the enterprise from different regions of Ukraine congratulated the inmates of boarding schools and orphanages on the holiday.

Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory has been helping children who are brought up in boarding schools and orphanages for many years. This support is very important for the future of there children because they feel love and attention from others. This year, the employees of enterprises have collected a lot of toys, clothes, shoes and the necessary hygiene products for children. We delivered the long-awaited gifts for children including sweets to orphanages in Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Khmelnitsky, Sumy, Cherkassy, ​​Kharkiv and Kiev regions.

День Святого Николая

"The life of the children who are brought up in boarding schools is not easy. We want them to believe in their strength, in those who help them, teach, educate, give care and warmth. Coming to them on the eve of the holidays, we want to show that there are a lot of people in the world who are ready to support them. We believe that each of the pupils of boarding schools and orphanages has a chance to succeed and to be happy, and we organize small pleasures," said Natalia Johansen, the international manager of Zhitomir Cardboard Factory.

Thus the management of the factory plans to continue to support the initiative of helping wards of orphanages and boarding schools and make the action large-scale and all-Ukrainian.

"Children's dreams must come true! They are waiting for a miracle in New Year's days, and it should happen. We can not give them the desired normal family, but we can at least for a while make it so that they feel needed and happy" said Jan Sapelnikov, the head of the department for introducing new projects.

"We are grateful for the help of our partners and customers: the companies ZAO Zhytomyrsky Lasosty, Vostpak LLC, Avangard Agricultural Holding, Interpak, Beehive, TVP Zodiak, Vostpak, TD Temp, OOO Tripolye Packaging Factory, Tenzor Prom, Echo-86 PP, Early Club Smart Club, FOP Trokoz I. V.