Liners and fluting.

card_pads Paper production at Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory was in operation since October 2007. Paper production is carried out on the flat-cut machine (cut width 2600 mm, the maximum speed on a drive of 600 m/min., maximum capacity up to 180 tons/day) equipped with modern scanner for monitoring of quality indications of paper.

Existing equipment completely satisfies our own need for fluting and cardboard for flat layers, which allows to close a production chain: from waste paper to the finished carton. Good quality / price ratio of cardboard and paper produced by LLC "Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory" draws attention not only of the consumers from Ukraine, but also of leading producers from Poland, Hungary and Russia.

Main products:

  • Fluting BК-2, BК-0 weighing 100, 112, 125 and 140 g/m2. (Code CR: 4805199000).
  • Liner for the outer layers of corrugated сardboard types KM-1, KM-0 weighing 115, 130, 140, 150, 170, 200 g/m2. (Code CR: 4805240000).
  • Base raw-material: waste paper.
  • Core diameter: 100mm.
  • Roll diameter: 1000-1500mm.
  • Format of rolls: any within the cut width.

Liners can be produced with dyed surface, the product has an attraractive aesthetic look and smooth surface prepared for high-quality printing.

Also we offer Liners with humidity resistant properties ideal for deepfreezing and cold storage packaging.

Quality indicators