Corrugated - packaging


Production of cardboard and corrugated cardboard began since starting of Zhitomir Cardboard Factory in 2005. Cardboard can be colored, thus the packaging acquires an advertising character.

Your box can not only be the packaging and the container is not just a transport container! Simple picture and contact information will turn the box into a full-fledged advertising unit.

Corrugated containers are easy in recycling and harmless. The use of available materials in process of manufacturing preconditions especially attractive price. High stiffness of corrugated boxes in comparison with other types of cardboard boxes and cushioning properties of corrugated packaging ensure excellent protection of packaged goods.


Finished products are delivered in transport packages as packed with protection from moisture on standard wooden pallets or without them.

Accessories to the corrugated packaging:

- Pads
- Gaskets
- Grids
- Pallets