Testliner - ripple effect.

face_cardboard Testliner is traditional for a shipping container - durable and lightweight. It has good strength and cushioning properties. Testliner is a practical, cheap and convenient packaging for all types of products: appliances, utensils and everything you want.

This inexpensive and environmentally friendly material is suitable for packing and safe transportation of any cargo.

As a rule, testliner consists of three layers: two flat layers of testliner (top-liners) and one layer of paper between them, having wavy (testliner) shape (fluting). Such a composition of layers makes testliner, in spite of the characteristics of its components, especially hard, having resistance in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the board as well as in areas along the planes..

Production of the testliner tales place in the corrugator, trim width 1340 mm and a capacity of 27-30 million m2 per year. The equipment available in Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory allows to produce high-quality testliner for the production of testliner boxes of different types.

The main raw material for testliner is recycled paper, the content of which in the testliner is from 70 to 100%.

Testliner of our production is the basis for the production of environmentally friendly packaging and individual packaging for many branches of industry, such as: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, glass and crockery, etc.

Currently we provide: 

  • double-layer testliner (W);
  • three-layer testliner (T20, T21, T22, T23, T24) profiles C and D;
  • three-layer testliner (KGT1, KGT2, KGT3) profiles C and D;
  • boxes of testliner;
  • testliner packing with carving of any grade of difficulty and with one-, two-, three-color flexographic printing.

Color liners (cover layers) - brown or white.